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Corporate Training

We provide corporate training programmes to help companies or teams develop new skills, improve communication and boost performance. Whether for a few hours or an entire weekend, we'll customise our sessions to suite your needs.

Please note, due to Covid-19 we are unfortunately not able to take any booking until October 2021 (subject to government guidelines).

At Into the Wild, we believe in switching off and getting back into nature. Whether learning bushcraft skills or simply sheltering by a roaring fire, kids and adults alike can enjoy  our stunning ancient woodland. And all this on the door step of Hale, Bowdon and Altrincham!

Find us at Bolin Wood, Ashleymill Lane, Ashley, WA14 3PT 

Benefits of corporate training

There’s nothing more important for a company than having a close knit workforce. If an organisation struggles to communicate and work together, it can affect productivity, diminish morale, and your end product or service can suffer.

Programme activities

Your team will learn essential survival skills. After carrying out ice breaker challenges, your team will be tested to the limit and asked to carry out the following tasks:


Working in a team you will be given an orienteering task to find the essential pieces of equipment for setting up camp.

Shelter building

You will work as a team to build a shelter which you will sleep in (for weekend programmes)

Game prep and foraging

You will go foraging with an expert and later prepare the food as a team.

Fire lighting

As a team you will work to get the fire lit. No matches allowed, no lighters allowed, no gas allowed! You will work as a team to get the fire going by means of friction alone.

Once the hard work is done you will all have the chance to relax around the fire. Chatting around a fire is the best way to bond especially one that you all worked together to get going.

A unique learning environment

Our team building sessions take place at our unique woodlands. The site is an accredited centre with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) so we can assure our programme meet the quality assured by this nationally recognised awarding body.

How to book?

We can accommodate between x and xx people per session and prices range between x and xx. Simply call the number below or fill in the contact form and we'll get back to you to discuss a unique programme which will suit your needs.

Weekend Market
Communication and collaboration are essential to survival... and your workforce!

To book your Corporate/Team Building event contact us

07763 748 313

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