Coffee Shack

Drop into our Coffee Shack for freshly brewed coffee and hot drinks.

8am - 6pm   Monday to Friday

9am - 6pm   Saturday to Sundays

Open 365 days a year!

Parking is incredibly limited so please leave your cars at home and enjoy a well-earned coffee by foot.


What's better than refuelling from a wonderful woodland walk than great cup of coffee and delicious ice cream (on a sunny day!) We occasionally host other foodie events such as outdoor cooking workshops, pizza nights and barbecues so watch this space! 

Want to double check if we'll be there? Call us on 07763 748 313

Please walk

We set up our spot in the woodlands to encourage people here... not cars. Unfortunately some people are blocking the narrow lanes with their vehicles, disrupting farmers and local residents. Please get here by foot.

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